Project Description

This is the interactive data visualization facebook application for the
MasterCard client which is representing pulse beats of what
Sydneysiders are talking about on various topics like dining, hotel, entertainment,
sports and retail. Data is collected from Radiant6 in close
to real time (1 hour difference) from facebook, twitter, blogs, shares and instagram.

The data is retrieved in json format in every 15 minutes interval.

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I developed the whole application using flash builder in AS3.0. This application uses the
AS3.0 particle and physics classes. The central pulse part is also created by me using Aftereffects.

It consists of a layer of video and the dynamic color layers which changes to the color of the
most to least recent trends catagory.

This visualization also has a filter settings on the top right corner. This can be used to
separate out the data particles according to the selected radio box .

Clicking on the “Behind the Pulse” button shows and elaborates data with various animated graphs.

What I did
  • Flash Builder and AS3.0 coding
  • Research on different particle system classes
  • Educated myself on physics in particle systems
  • Used AfterEffects for pulse video compositions
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