Project Description

A project using Kinect sensor, Kinect SDKs and Flash Builder, developed for MercerBell on its biyearly conference held at Hunter Valley, NSW. It contains two applications, “Fridge Ninja” and “Gesture Graffiti”.
5200 Luminance rear projector was used to project into a huge screen of 1.6m x 2.9m. Players identifications were captured through Qrcode which is autogenerated to the user through Facebook registerations, and also auto posting their artworks to Facebook walls. All the tools necessary for the drawing was built in a web app sitting in an ipad next to the player.

What I did
  • Spent quite a lot of time over learning Kinect SDKs
  • Programmed in AS3.0 using flash builder
  • Experiments with variety of AS3.0 classes to create static and animated drawing patterns
  • Application Design