About me

Multi platform Application Developer

I am Richard Lama and I am based in Sydney.

I am a versatile developer and creative problem solver with an initiative. I am constantly seeking new challenges with passionate teams and individuals.

As the Multi platform Application Developer, my day to day tasks involves developing interactive and dynamic applications which is mostly based on JavaScript and its frameworks, HTML and CSS. As a Angularjs fan I have been applying it in almost every projects at work.”Developing with Flex and flash by following a proper design pattern” was what used to be my background history. I often carry this out whenever required. When developing I like to think one step ahead and I am passionate about making things more interactive , engaging and fun. With over 10 years of experience in digital space , I have a lot to offer in this demanding age of web and mobile technology.
I’m an intermediate user of Autodesk Maya and use them whenever I have the chance to add any 3D elements to my projects. I also specialise in AfterEffects and Premiere for video editing and effects. In fact I have created few hype reels and showreels for the clients in the current company.
I am a big fan of physical computing. I have done several projects using arduino flex and processing. Recently I with another developer successfully created interactive gesture controlled game in a huge screen of 3m wide using the microsoft kinect sensor for the company’s biyearly conference held at HunterValley. It was a huge achievement.

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    • Experienced coding frontend with HTML5 & CSS3, together with JavaScript and jQuery
    • Advanced knowledge and experience with external javascript libraries like D3, Three , CreateJs etc.
    Trekking The Annapurna Circuit” is the latest interactive 3D project build using Three and angular.
    • Developed Mobile Web Apps with Mobile Frameworks like jQTouch, jQuery Mobile, PhoneGap
    • Programming interactive games and application using node.js, socket.io, SPAs (Single Page Applications), AngularJS
    • Comfortable using phpMyAdmin, MySQL and access databases, utilizing IIS and Apache
    • Developed Facebook applications using JavaScript and php Facebook APIs
    • Developed various Interactive web & desktop games & applications using AS3.0
    • Advanced knowledge of OOPS and creating and working with class packages in ActionScript 3.0, follow the OOP Design patterns
    • Developed Kinect applications using AirKinect and Microsoft Kinect SDK
    • Used Particle & Physics systems, 3D engines i.e. Ape, Box2D 3D, PV3D and away3D
    • Experience in video editing and production with Premiere Pro and After Effects CS5+ , created various

    AS3.0, JavaScript, jQuery, HTML5, CSS3, PhoneGap, Nodejs, Angular, Swift(ios), MySQL, PHP, SASS and Compass, MEL, KML
    Flash Builder, Flash, Edge Animate, Eclipse, Github,  Autodesk Maya, AfterEffects, Premier, Adobe design suits, Arduino Sketch, Processing
    Facebook, Twitter, Google Maps, PhoneGap, Google Visualisation, Away3D, PV3D, Box2D-2D, Microsoft Kinect, Radiant6
    MasterCard, Allianz, Toyota, Fairfax, Telstra, IBM, American Express, St george, Qantas, RTA, Huggies, Dove, CocaCola, NRMA, Westpac, Nestle, Nokia, NSW Tourism, Purina, Hyundai